🦄  Overview​

I'm a UNICORN designer
A champion for visual design with experience and excitement for creating stunning visuals, iconography and typography.

The sound of music supplies the soundtrack to daily life. It fills in the blanks of ineffable moments when tongue-tied humans stumble over the wrong words in gallant strides grasping for the ones that more clearly articulate their feelings.

I really   💖  music and design! But what I’m most interested in are the ways in which people use audio and video to connect and communicate about culture. So I am extremely interested in learning more about how United Masters fosters the artist-audience relationship through product design and engaging user experiences!

UX/UI & Product Design

Digital Web, Mobile App & Enterprise Interfaces as well as print layout design.

Brand Identity Design & Strategy

Content Creation & Digital Asset Design

Graphic Design

Illustration & Typography

passionate about transmedia and visual storytelling M M multiple deep expertise Ux/UI design branding cross disciplines bridges of understanding Front-end coding media arts specialized depth in overlapping fields storytelling music communication