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Mystie is amazing! She has proved to be efficient, professional, talented, timely, and an excellent communicator and designer. She provided a thorough structure to help us define our project and created designs that matched our feedback and wishes. She kept us on track even though WE missed numerous deadlines and once we gave her the required information, turned it around almost immediately. Amazingly, she completed our band logo project on time, even though we actually changed the name of the band midstream! We couldn’t be happier with her and are grateful for her talents! Thank you for your great work, Mystie. Enjoy the bonus….you surely deserved it!


This is the second project I asked Mystie to complete and if I need another, I will hire her again! She is fast, efficient, talented, and has excellent communication and design skills. Once again, she seemed to read my mind and create the look, feeling, and emotions we hoped to portray. I’m a fan of Mystie and would highly recommend her! Thanks, Mystie! Paul

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