Mystie Chamberlin for


SiriusXM + Pandora provides listeners with compelling audio experiences that delight customers in all environments.

I am a skilled
transmedia visual storyteller digital designer with a profound interest in translating UX music marketing design which motivates me to improve the artist-audience engagement experience.

We BOTH desire to create intuitive products, interfaces, & experiences that delight & engage customers.


👋 Hello!

My name is Mystie.

I’m a product designer who believes there’s always room for

In pursuit of improving my own life, I immersed myself in Flatiron School’s full-time design intensive with the end goal of doing something that
would help others lead easier, more
enjoyable lives.

I believe we are aligned in this
fundamental desire, for ourselves and for others.

From customer service to being a marketing assistant, I’ve been at the center of enabling positive experiences for audiences of all kinds. My people skills and unique perspective from being “boots-on-the-ground” is what I bring to the table.

I’m flexible and have a ton of experience working on teams. The secret to my success: listening more than I talk and putting myself in other people’s shoes. Although I’m comfortable working independently, it is my belief that solid collaboration enriches the overall design process.

Most recently at the Flatiron School, I worked with three different teams of 3-5 designers to research, design, test and iterate multiple digital experiences. I enjoyed listening to others and having the space to contribute my unique ideas to build upon them as a team. I look forward to building the bridge between design and development and working cross-functionally.

What I can offer you is a keen 👁️, open 🧠, an eagerness to 🌱 and interactions full of GIFs & emojis — (have you seen my portfolio yet? 😉)

Ask me about

01 My Design Process
A user-centric approach: research, define, ideate, design, test, iterate.

Research Experience
Sourcing, vetting, and conducting interviews and usability tests.

Visual Design
Years of creative outlets have refined my aesthetic eye.

Skills & Software
Sketch. Figma. Adobe XD. InVision. I’m technically agile.

My Goals
I want to contribute unique solutions, collaborate & grow.

Thank you for your

and for getting me through my remote work for a better part of my program. 🙏

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