🦄  Overview​

I'm a UNICORN designer
Demonstrated experience designing products and features; guiding team initiatives, + collaborating with cross-functional partners. Understanding of user-centered design methodologies, usability principles, + web and mobile platform design guidelines. A problem solver with strong analytical skills who can translate user needs into valuable user experiences. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills + am comfortable working with partners in technical and business roles.

The sound of music supplies the soundtrack to daily life. It fills in the blanks of ineffable moments when tongue-tied humans stumble over the wrong words in gallant strides grasping for the ones that more clearly articulate their feelings.

I really   💖  music + design! So I am extremely interested in how SiriusXM + Pandora blends together music + technology + innovation to build audio entertainment user experiences that enhance human existence!


UX/UI & Product Design

Digital Web, Mobile App & Enterprise Interfaces as well as print layout design.

Brand Identity Design & Strategy

Content Creation & Digital Asset Design

Graphic Design

Illustration & Typography

passionate about transmedia and visual storytelling M M multiple deep expertise Ux/UI design branding cross disciplines bridges of understanding Front-end coding media arts specialized depth in overlapping fields storytelling music communication