Will Duchon album cover layout and cd packaging design

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Will Duchon album cover layout and cd packaging design

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Client: Will Duchon

 Project Name: album cover layout and cd packaging design incorporating Camille Claudel’s sketch of “La Valse”

 Project Details:

  • My client already was inspired by the sketch of Camille Claudel’s “La Valse” and wanted to use an image of it as an album cover. He also wanted to tie in the rest of the packaging design with related themes.
  • First I changed his image to a print-ready CMYK 300-dpi format in Photoshop. Then, I created a textured background image from the supplied artwork. From there I created Photoshop templates based on the InDesign specs provided by the printer. I decided to go with flourishes and scrolls designs that would fit in in the 1893 design aesthetic, yet rendered in a sketchy line art manner. The text effect was done in a sort of ink uni-line font effect created from tangueros folk music font in Illustrator. I thought this font, in particular was great for joining dance, music and visual art because of it’s fileteado porteño graphic elements. From there the text effects were applied in Adobe After Effects to make it more like a handwritten type with ink bleed and bevel into the paper. Then, the text was exported back to photoshop to be resized, treated with another bleed effect, and color-corrected in photoshop before being linked to the original templates in InDesign. Will usually includes a photograph of himself in his albums, so I created a sketch from one of his photographs to match the style of the rest of the artwork design. Likewise, I rendered a sketch effect of two faces in macro to allude to the faces of the dancers of Claudel’s sketch.
  • After doing some research into copyright and usage, I created an alternate cover and background to be used in the event the original is not in the public domain.
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