Tim Yeazell’s Pages: Song digital cover art design

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Tim Yeazell’s Pages: Song digital cover art design

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Client: Tim Yeazell

 Project Name: song digital cover art 

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  • My client contacted me because he needed digital cover art for his song release. In the past he had created his own, but he was feeling a bit lost visually on what to create for the new project. His only idea was a visual interpretation of the song’s lyrics. I listened to an early demo of the song, but he noted that the song had undergone some changes since and had more of an more rock n’ roll edge. He requested a few items to be depicted including empty pages, an hourglass, spinning top and running ink.
  • I started this project by creating a composite image in photoshop featuring the items as listed in the creative brief. I had a close up image of an open book with the artist name and song title in an inky blotted text, a toy top tilted on it’s side, and a small hour glass as well as two crumpled up pages torn from the open book. I finished it off with a graphic square frame and vignette. He liked the elements, but after seeing the rendered mockup had the second thought to make a larger scene featuring the items in a room in a more subtle manner. Initially I’d used a faded warm color scene, which, although it worked well with the folky rawness of the demo, didn’t represent the harder, darker edge the song had since adopted. I moved the book and other contents onto a table at the back of a room where it was adjacent to a window reflecting a bit of a foggy, rainy scene outside. As per client request, I also added an electric guitar to the other side of the table. I also enlarged and moved the title script and artist name to the upper left-hand corner. The entire image was then desaturated. Upon seeing this second mockup, the client request one addition and one change: a grandfather clock and the words in the book changed to read, “The End is Ours to Write.”   I made the requested modifications and also changed the color of the title and name to a slight red-black more indicative of actual ink.