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The Desperate Few EP cover art design


The Desperate Few EP cover art design

Client: Joshua Smith/Shorelines to Sutton
Project Link(s): +Facebook +Soundcloud   
Completion Date: February 26, 2018
Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
Skills: Blending, Brand Design, Color Correction, Color Theory, Compositing, Cover Design, Digital Painting, Identity Design, Illustration, Image Retouching, Layout Design, Letter Design, Lettermark, Light Effects, Logo Design, Masthead Design, Monogram, Perspective Design, Shape Building, Sketching, Smart Objects, Texture Design, Type Customization, Typography, Vector Design, Vector Drawing, Wordmark

Project Overview:

  • The NYC band, Shorelines to Sutton, desired a cover art design for their upcoming EP, The Desperate Few. I had worked with them creating a logo design and some brand identity elements already. The band already had a theme in mind. The idea was to create an image of two people (but maybe the same person) sitting under opposite sides of a tree. One is dressed in a suit and the other is dressed more casually. They are sitting under one tree with some landscape, separated by water with a city skyline in the background. However, each side is different, emulating the state of each person. The guy on the left in a suit is against a brighter city skyline, but on the other side of the tree, the person seems to be struggling and the skyline is the same city but a different vibe…darker and haunting.
  • I started by gathering some images and creating a sketch of the layout in Photoshop and Sketch. Then I rendered started the actual composite by rendering the tree in photoshop. I painted in some background grass and worked in a stream, which ended up becoming a path later on in the collaborative process. The skyline was a silhouette, with some texture added to give it more dimension. And I added flowers to the bright-side scene to give it a little extra “umph.” For my final steps, I stylized the paint texture and then added color correction and effects in Lightroom.