Spades logo & brand design

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Spades logo & brand design

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Client: Leo Heem / Tony Spades / Spades

 Project Name: logo brand design for Brooklyn rapper/music artist

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  • My client managed a rapper/music artist, and hired me to create a logo & basic brand. The artist name was Spades, and his idea was 6 cards fanned out for the letter of his name, but the “A” would be a spades symbol, and except for the spades card, the symbols on the upper right and lower left would be things he raps/sings about including love, lust, pain, money and weed. He requested a gritty look with burn holes and tear stains and a color scheme including blue, black and white.
  • I started this project by breaking it down into elements to be used separately or together as needed. First I created the word mark design in Illustrator using a display type that captured the Bicycle playing card while still evoking music with it’s clef-like glyphs. Then I started with the vintage card design using Adobe Indesign for layout and designing each asset in either orignal front and back card designPhotoshop or Illustrator. My first pass featured a scalable all-vector semi-kitsch/semi-Sailor-Jerry style center design and back of card design, however, my client wanted to incorporate more blue as well as more splay to each card so that the letters on the cards could be the center design. From there I replaced the composite center design and replaced it with the word mark letters, moving the different elements to the upper right hand corner as directed to with an example from my client. Finally I redesigned the back of the card completely in order to incorporate a more menacing skull as well as a globe and some tribal elements as requested. The final steps included making icons blue, adding a map of Brooklyn to the card paper texture and adding a few bullet holes & stains. The cards were made at scale to be printed as promotional items.