Scandinavian Flag Logo

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Scandinavian Flag Logo

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Client: Paco Denero

 Project Name: Design a Scandinavian flag logo

 Project Details:

  • Requested a flag that contains a mashup of the other Scandinavian flags including, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland
  • Flat design, using the same colors as the normal flags and in the shape of a regular flag (or another idea for shape)
  • A png image and a photoshop file
  • Must include Estonia flag of blue, black and white
  • Used the blue, white and black of the tri-color horizontal bands Estonia flag (divided into 3 and placed the sample flag on the top with the red color stroking/outlining the blue in the cross so that blue and black of the Estonia flag are on the top and bottom respectively (making the largest horizontal strokes)
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