“Penguins Eat Fish” Gotham fan T-shirt design for High Voltage Magazine

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“Penguins Eat Fish” Gotham fan T-shirt design for High Voltage Magazine

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Client: Chelsea Schwartz/High Voltage Magazine

 Project Name: Gotham fan T-shirt design for High Voltage Magazine

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  • I met the founders of High Voltage Magazine when I was in college. They didn’t attend the same university as I did, however we our outside-of-school tastes overlapped when it came to music and concert-going. I even wrote some features and music reviews back in the day. So when they were looking for a graphic designer to collaborate on a t-shirt design, I was happy to assist. The idea was inspired by the season premier when Nygma made an origami penguin for Oswald and said, “Remember penguins eat fish.” Thus the instructions were only for a design featuring an origami penguin (made to look a bit like Oswald so with a bow tie) eating an origami fish (colored red, like Mooney’s hair). Then the text under it read, of course, “Penguins eat fish.”
  • I started the design in Photoshop creating geometric shapes to resemble folded paper. Next, I added either color or patterns to reflect different sides of the paper and different papers. Using clipping masks I then added a vintage paper texture as well as gradient shadows to show which papers overlapped one another. After some communication back and forth we changed the bow tie to a collar and continental tie to link the characters. We also changed a serif font to a handwriting one, to give it a more modern appeal. I tried a few versions to make it pop against a dark background, one with a circle, one with an oval, one with a stroke outline, and one with a drop shadow before settling on a cutout shape of a vintage umbrella that also alluded in the abstract to bat wings, lending more credence to the character.
  • Visit High Voltage Magazine’s official site
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