Musical Whimsy book cover art & illustration design

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Musical Whimsy book cover art & illustration design

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Client:Will Duchon

 Project Name: cover art and illustration design

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  • “Music Notes” are brief descriptions (factual and fictional) of the service music each week at client’s church, Monroe Congregational, in Monroe, CT. He’s written the notes over a period of 8 or 9 years for each Sunday’s bulletin. The book, “Musical Whimsy” is simply a collection of these notes over the years.
  • I decided to illustrate the entire cover and each illustration in Photoshop using a Wacom Bamboo touch tablet and pen to get a sketchy hand-drawn feel. The theme was inspired by The New York’s daily cartoons since I thought the document echoed the same satire and similar commentary. Each of the gag cartoon designs is selected from one of the music “notes” and features a composer or character referenced within. For the display type, I chose one that was whimsical and glamorous, yet energetic. It combines strength and softness as well as the modern with a more classical. It is paired with a simple hand-drawn web font for the captions to tie the aesthetic together.
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