Music & Words podcast cover art & masthead design

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Music & Words podcast cover art & masthead design

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Client: Will Duchon

 Project Name: podcast cover art

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  • This design is for a podcast that is to be a mini version of the client’s 60 minute WMNR radio program “Words & Music.” During the podcast, he reads a poem which is then followed by a piece of “reflective music.” The podcast is scheduled to be roughly 5-7 minutes long.  He wanted an image that represents music and poetry clearly, but with a touch of the abstract.
  • I started by created the masthead logo featuring a classical serif tight. then I joined the words with a rotated ampersand such that it resembled both the shape of a heart and a musical clef.
  • For the digital painting, I merged a mandolin with a tree create something slightly abstract. From there I layered the background and masthead with several textures and blending techniques.

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