Little Ships CD layout and masthead logo design

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Little Ships CD layout and masthead logo design

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Client: Jennie Arnau / Little Ships

 Project Name: Little Ships cd layout & packaging design/masthead logo design

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  • My alt-country client contacted me to work on her cd layout and package design. She already had the main artwork, a series of photo-realistic sketches with a nautical theme by another artist (Ramon Bruin), however, she needed everything put out together creatively and cohesively for a cd digipack design. She requested that the cover art be able to tell a story upon a glance.
  • I used Photoshop Illustrator to first create a whimsical masthead logo design for the band name and album title. I wanted a handwriting font that looked like it could be on a treasure map. I used Photoshop to add texture to the provided images, and indesign to create a winding visual between the panels and the texts.
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