Life on a String logo branding & poster design

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Life on a String logo branding & poster design

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Client: Paul Sandstrom / Life on a String

 Project Name: logo branding & poster design for Life on a String

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  • My clients needed a logo designed specifically for a 3 piece acoustic band featuring a singer, guitarist, and bassist. Previously, the band was called Amity Road and they said that they played country, southern rock, Americana and classic rock, amongst other genres.
  • I started off by sending them the creative brief, however, since I had a bit of free time due to the holidays, I decided to give myself a head start while I waited for their reply. My initial ideas were based on vintage shield badges and the Route 66 road sign. However, after a day, the band hit me with a curveball, so to speak. They changed their name to Life on a String. So I went back to the proverbial drawing board and started working with the idea of strings and life while still keeping that vintage Americana feel in tact. Once they got back to me with the creative brief, I could see we were on the same page. They wanted a clean logo with simulated guitar strings with a fluid stroke in perhaps a handwriting type. After trying to sever script fonts, I finally settled on a mono-line typeface with an overlap quality that would simulate rope or, in our case, a guitar string. I set up the stacked font in a left-aligned manner and joined the capital “L” and “S” to make one long “string” that would also serve as a monogram or letter mark for the band. Then I created paths and added a simple gradient stroke to mimic that of a guitar string, while still keeping it’s vector qualities. I wanted to add a symbol mark to their logo brand for t-shirts and other merch, so, after trying several rope circles, I decided a simple heartbeat lifeline would be perfect. I joined it to the end of the “G” string then created a slew of combination marks to be used on their band branding, including one on a back circle that mimics the sound hole of a guitar while maintaining the look of retro badge designs.
  • Since they liked the initial designs, We spent our remaining milestone time working on a poster with editable text for the band. I had made a basic mockup of a flier in Photoshop with a wooden background then used one of the sound hole logo designs to make it look like a macro shot of a guitar. The band liked it but wanted a photo included as well. So I took away the sound hole, added some vignettes,  frets, and inlays to make a guitar neck that sank into the background. I used the heartbeat lifeline word mark as a guitar string on the guitar neck then created a montage with the supplied band images in separate frets with a color dodge effect for a more dynamic aesthetic.
  • Finally, I included a bonus merch alternate design with an anchor with a guitar head and a branded string that encircles the body to create a treble clef. For “String” I kept the same branded type, but I changed the font for the word “Life” to resemble old school Sailor Jerry-ish tattoo art, while still keeping that handwriting quality as well as a strong old style Americana sensibility.
  • In a later project, using their provided images, I created a recognizable brand identity well suited for use with the logo I previously created for the band. The background has a high/long wavelength in order for usage in dark/dimly let venues/environments. Text can be added in the black spaces around each photograph, customized for each gig and/or different markets depending on need.