Kent Guitar School logo design

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Kent Guitar School logo design

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Client: Joe Bailey / Kent Guitar School

 Project Name: logo design for Kent guitar school

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  • My client owns a guitar school where both children and adults are taught a variety of styles. For his brand, the client wanted to expand upon just one on one lessons and really elicit a positive emotion response about learning guitar at his particular school. Likewise, he wanted to the logo to be able to draw the attention of people of all ages to pursue specializing in their unique personal guitar goals through both lessons and workshops. Visually, for the logo design, he wanted to incorporate something with a guitar and/or strings that didn’t discriminate against any genre or highlight only one.
  • To begin I did a typographic study to see which typefaces best represented their professional and exciting brand in a happy and inspired way. I settled on an inline slab serif font that was mostly modern with some vintage contextual swashes to give it not only a guitar-like feel, but also bring in the abstract string elements in it’s form. With the words stacked, the letter “s” created a shape not unlike a guitar body, so I added a neck and head to make it stand out as suck. The same with done in the monogram letter mark with the addition of having the initials joined together. Finally I created 2 badge or emblem logo marks to be used on merch and other promotional items. The circle badge pulls in around a sound hole design with the guitar strings acting of the plosive lines of the word marks negative ones. Every school needs a crest, so I joined a shield shape with that of a guitar, and added a modified circle badge to the center to finish it off.