Johnny Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria brand design

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Johnny Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria brand design

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Client: Johnny Pisano/Johnny Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria

 Project Name: logo & brand design for music artist and band

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  • Johnny Pisano has always had this fantasy of putting out his own record. He’s been writing songs on and off for years…some half-finished songs, some poetic ideas jotted on a napkin or just sung into some lo-fi recording device. He never thought he would have the guts to put anything out under his own name, and he didn’t think anyone would care. He was also gratefully busy creating music with various artists and never had a real reason to take it seriously. He was writing some punk tunes for Marky Ramone and the Intruders’ 3rd record that never came to pass, so he sat a handful of songs for years. Since then he’s written a handful more and created a collection of punk rock songs for which he’s begun a PlegeMusic campaign. He contacted me to work on some branding and logo elements.

How the logo display type works with the genre font in an early version of the emblem/badge design

  • I designed the logo and brand elements in Adobe Illustrator. I started with the idea for a customized typeface for his name. I wanted letter forms that were both decorative and geometric, specifically with large circular elements that would pick up the idea of a pizza pie. Then I wanted to tie in the idea of his history in punk rock. To represent this aspect, I focused on customizing the letter “A” in the popular anarchist monogram circle-a style (without the “o” in the typeface since the other letters mimic that aforementioned circle and order elements). To tie everything in with his New York roots, I wanted the letters to have that nostalgic New York art deco style with a hard edge twist and pointed letter forms that shamelessly protruded just below the baseline. Part of his idea was to be able to change the genre lettering depending on the style of music on any later releases. For this, I paired the customized font with an Alternate Gothic sans-serif typeface to which I applied an outline type effect to make it boldly stand out.
  • Johnny had the idea for a super hero design so I started working on an emblem/badge design. I started with the diamond shape since it was similar to a slice, then merged it with the semi-circle to represent the pie. Finally I added a cross-bar for the genre labels. My first idea was for an orange color to pull in the pizza theme and make it stand out from other band branding before settling on a more traditional red. Additionally I created a super hero logo for merch, especially t-shirt designs that pulled in some of these aforementioned themes.