Instisya’s “Endless River” album cover design

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Instisya’s “Endless River” album cover design

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Project Information

Client: Instisya

 Project Name: Endless River album art/cover design

 Project Details:

  • Digital album artwork for commercial & social networks
  • Highly detailed & illustrative
  • Oriental instrumental Djent metal band from the Middle East
  • Something that you want to look at for hours and not get bored …. something that makes a person want to go to space…and peaceful
  • Nothing brutal, graphic, or disturbing
  • A planet which is earth-like but in an opposite way
  • A river that never ends which shape in a weird way not like earths rivers
  • A godlike huge spirit thats pouring the water to that river
  • Trees that look different than earth
  • A crescent moon in the sky as a part of the logo
  •  The logo should be included
  • White to a blue sky
  • The spirit should be white like a ghost with long hair
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