# Blame Jesse Malin T-shirt design

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# Blame Jesse Malin T-shirt design

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Client: personal/Jesse Malin & fans

 Project Name: #BlameJesseMalin t-shirt design

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  • The design is sort of an inside joke amongst Jesse Fans as well as a study in marketing and textual poaching in fan circles. It all started on October 14, 2010 when Butch Walker tweeted:  “blame: Jesse Malin…Johnny Walker, Jameson, and some others..” The tweets/social media shares that have followed nearly every Jesse show since have included #blamejessemalin for everything from hangovers to forgetting to eat to pulling over to sleep on the side of the road, skinned knees and failing immune systems bringing on colds. Basically, any death and glory feelings anyone may experience after a glorious show/party/night.
  • Inspired by The Clash military green star circle t-shirt, I used Illustrator to join a modern flat, hipster design style with distressed effects. My end result was a 4-color pantone design featuring distinct characteristics recognizable to and textually poached by hardcore fans. The shirt was released as a limited edition to Jesse Malin fans in a Booster campaign that lasted just over 2 weeks.
  • Visit Jesse Malin’s official site
  • Purchase your own #blamejessemalin tee on TeePublic