graphic interface (GUI) for an acoustic guitar instrument

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graphic interface (GUI) for an acoustic guitar instrument

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Client: Mike Greene/Realitone

 Project Name: User interface and graphic design for acoustic guitar instrument

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  • My client, who sells virtual musical instruments, just finished a fingerpicking guitar instrument and were preparing the interface. They needed the graphic user interface (GUI) to be created in Photoshop and include a set of knobs and controls. Since the library was acoustic, the design needed to reflect that aesthetic and wondered if it could possibly include a related logo mark on the GUI. The header controls were already done, so he basically needed a background that included a guitar, player and/or a hand playing guitar as well as the “amp” interface and an artistic and fitting background, layout and format design.
  • I started by rendering an acoustic guitar and a brushed steel style vintage amp for the the actually interface. the first renderings had a rustic wood background and engraved wood logo, but were perhaps too “country” in genre. We tried a more urban-rustic style, but rendered guitar didn’t really express the real-ness of the brand, so we went with a high resolution image of a guitar player that needed to be colored over a textured background that had a more urban or neutral feel to it.
  • Visit the Realitone website
  • Download Fingerpick by Realitone