Convincing Adam logo design

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Convincing Adam logo design

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Client: Corina Stark / Convincing Adam

 Project Name: logo design for NYC band

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  • Convincing Adam is an alternative rock band that formed from 2 former members of Mr. Kincaid. Their name is based on a clever, tongue-in-cheek play on Adam’s name and Corina being a woman, giving reference to the biblical story of woman convincing man to sin in the Garden of Eden. The duo was looking for an image to pull attention to the band and generate enthusiasm for fans with a professional logo design that could be used to create an identity and brand their merch.
  • I started this project with a typographic study of type that expressed  qualities they wanted their word mark to evoke before I narrowed it down to 2 fonts. One that was classic and bold, yet modern with san-serif geometry. The other was a hand-written style. My first idea was to create a stacked logo with 2 different strokes: one smooth and one more explosive. I created a character mark of a snake in the shape of an apple, where the stem was it’s tail, and the head was a leaf. I then created a similar, conjoined letter mark, where the letter “C” was also was also a serpent profile. After some communication, and using a similar sketch from Corina, I removed the stroke from the word mark, and changed the handwritten type face to the bold, san-serif font. I then customized the type by changing the weight of the first word, to a more slender, feminine weight and added a grunge distress to everything. With the letter mark, I did the same; I also rounded the corners to give the letters one fluid, serpentine motion and added a swish to the cross in the letter “A” to make it more tail-like while retaining the distinct word-mark features.