Brassroots District logo design

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Brassroots District logo design

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Client: Ari Herstand/Valerie Larsen

 Project Name: character, word-mark and monogram logo design for funk soul band

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  • Alternate combination logo design

    My clients are a funk-soul band, with a retro sound and a modern edge, looking to create a logo. They sent me an image on which to base the logo including a colorful illustrated character design and a groovy 70s style word-mark. The lead singers, a male and female duo, both have curly big hair and thought this concept might work well for the design. Besides the character logo, they also wanted a word-mark to go beneath the image as well as a monogram of the letters “BRD.” They noted inspiration by 70’s designer, Pucci who uses color and shape in a really fun way. Finally, they requested to somehow incorporate a horn or horns into the logo design. As for color, they requested utilizing the color scheme of orange, gold, purple and aqua. The mission statement of the band incorporates elements of togetherness, love, community, acceptance, soul.

  • I used screenshots sent by the band to design the logos in illustrator so they would be vector and able to be enlarged to any size as was requested in the creative brief. I created each asset separately then joined them together in combination logos as well. The first thing I worked on was the character design. The image I was basing the design off was a flat color line illustration so I kept the face details simple and identifying. Next, I created a custom brush and used the spiral tool to create the curly hair on both characters. We tried two designs for the word-marks and monograms designs. The first was a blocky conjoined text with soft edges and bubbly balloon-like counters inside the letters, but it was limited in its reaction with the character design so I also created an outlined stroke that tied in with the hair design in its repeated strokes/lines.