Blackheart Tango logo branding

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Blackheart Tango logo branding

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Client: Christopher Barnard / Blackheart Tango

 Project Name: logo branding  for Blackheart Tango

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  • Blackheart Tango, a blues band out of Connecticut, needed a versatile band logo. They had a few ideas, but needed a designer to bring them to life. Specifically, they requested a word mark logo as well as a combination of a symbol and word mark or some sort of emblem. They sent me an early version of what they had in mind, featuring the band name in a scrawling font and an inky stylized heart with two reflected revolvers, but they were also interested in pacific northwest native art.
  • I started working on the individual branding elements in illustrator. I kept the stylized heart and added some arteries at the top to add that realism they requested. I went with a hand-drawn type instead of script to make it easier to read with a vintage, timeless feel to it, yet holding a strong sense of modernism. Then I shaped the word mark itself to bend and fit into the shape of a heart. Using the basic heart shape as negative space, I recreated a simplified version of a hummingbird in a pacific northwest native style and reflected it to represent the blues duo and a play on the idea of two creatures tangoing or dancing. I also rendered a more vintage set of revolvers and a flag to use as graphic elements. From there, I mixed and matched all of the elements to come up with a slew of designs. I added more pieces to the heart, titled it to one side, to give it an even more realistic impression and changed the word mark to be ever-so off center. The last thing I created was a monogram in the same style.