Baltimore Chop logo design

Case Study

Baltimore Chop logo design

Client: Baltimore Chop/Maxim Palchikov
Project Link(s): +Baltimore Chop and Maxi Palchikov photography online +Soundcloud   
Completion Date: February 17, 2018
Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
Skills: Brand Design, Color Theory, Flat Design, Grid Design, Icon, Illustration, Layout Design, Letter Design, Lettermark, Logo Design, Logo Integration, Masthead Design, Monogram, Sketching, Type Customization, Typography, Vector Design, Vector Drawing, Wordmark

Project Overview:

  • Max wanted to have a music producer logo designed. Old school house / electronic were his main styles of music. He requested a mix of something abstract with a touch of some old school graphics (maybe an old-school drum machine).
  • For this design, I started by customizing the wordmark. I was looking at the text on drum machines and created something in the same vein with both curved and beveled edges. Likewise, for the letter mark, I created a 5×3 square grid for each letter then curved the edges to create a pattern reminiscent of drum pads.

    My next steps were refining the lettering and creating the drum machine interface. For this design, I further modified the word-mark and letter-mark to be legible on small displays. I also further modified the beat machine emblem to work in a square format ideal for social media sharing. I added light on dark, dark on light and two blue brand color options, which also work well over black and white photography.