4 Digital song cover art designs for Jamison Chester Fox

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4 Digital song cover art designs for Jamison Chester Fox

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Client: Jamison Chester Fox

 Project Name: digital song cover art for a singer-songwriter

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  • client version of True Colors with figures separated from backgrounds and a cross process effect applied to the figures

    My client needed to change her name on a previous digital EP cover design, Times are Changing. She also needed 3 more digital song cover art assets to promote her music online. For her cover of True Colors, she wanted a pop art Andy Warhol-esqe design. For In the summer time, she wanted a water color painting scene of  a grey convertible on the beach. Finally, for Flashbacks, she wanted a color effect to enhance that it was a nostalgic image of mother and daughter.

  • I created all of the images in Photoshop. Since I already had the original files for Times are Changing from a previous project it was a quick change to replace her name. I started True colors with an ornate metal type on a plush distressed background as an alternate design option, but we ended up going with the pop art idea. I began the Warhol design by selecting the people and removing them from their backgrounds in Photoshop. Next I traced the images and added some lines  and coloring in Illustrator. Back in Photoshop, I added a little bit of a half tone effect. and lightened the entire image as per client request. For In the Summer, I started by making a composite of the beach and the car with clouds in the sky, as described in the creative brief. Next, I created a sketch layer. Then I added a color layer beneath the sketch layer, and using a mask, revealed the color through the use of water color photoshop brushes and a pressure sensitive Wacom Bamboo pen and touch tablet. I completed the project with a vintage distressed font for Flashbacks and a blue cross process and polaroid frame effect.