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3 music singles/album artwork for The Olés


3 music singles/album artwork for The Olés

Client: Cole Leksan/The Olés
Project Link(s): +Bandcamp +Facebook +Twitter +Instagram 
Completion Date: September 5, 2018
Tools Used: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
Skills: Blending, Color Correction, Color Theory, Compositing, Digital Painting, Illustration, Layout Design, Logo Integration, Sketching

Project Overview:

  • The band The Olés is releasing a new album called Rise, along with 3 singles prior to the album release. They were looking for album art for all 4 of the releases that portrayed a similar artistic concept to one another. The band plays upbeat reggae music, and as such, they were looking to represent visual themes of the ocean, underwater, islands, sunshine, warm weather and the idea of rising to a new level.
  • We started the project with a creative brief (as always). I like it when I can listen to the band’s music while I design, so they provided me with some files. The band has some designs for the illustration and layout design, so I was able to jump right in with sketching out the concepts and putting together the digital paintings. The basic process, in Photoshop, was t start with a composite of the underwater dancers to get a feel for the move of the fabric and hair. Then I created a sketch, added base colors, shadows and highlights. I used a mixing brush to blend the colors. I added a background and foreground to give the sense of being enveloped in water with some light streaks and bubbles for detail. For the text, I used some ink in water swirls and a gradient overlay to give it that splash look. Warp and blur effects were added to the title texts to also simulate another underwater style.
  • In a related project, we reworked the Rise male character to have less drastic chiaroscuro underwater lighting such that the complexion and facial structure matched that of the male character on the Burn Glow cover. I used blending and lightning techniques in Photoshop as well as a partial face swap from the other album cover.