Guitar image study no. 11: connotative; guitar + heart

Image Study

Guitar image study no. 11: connotative; guitar + heart

subject: guitar
technique: Freehand digital, Pencil
style: Connotative, Illustrative
materials: Apple pencil, iPad Pro
tools: Procreate

Process Notes

I’ve worked on similar ideas before but never rendered them out. So this was the first step in that respect. The idea was to communicate a passion/love for music. so instead of using the body of the guitar, I illustrated a general version of the human heart. I realize after doing a few of these image studies that sometimes it’s good to set them aside and let them breathe so there is some critical distance when looked up with fresh eyes. In this case, I realized that if I were to take this project to the next step, I would redraw the neck in more perspective so that its perspective matches with the actual heart and not the valves.