YourLocal Case Study




YourLocal (yourlocal.org) promotes green living. The app’s retail marketplace allows restaurants to offer customers discounted surplus food and thereby reduces food waste.

Flatiron School’s UI Team benchmarked YourLocal’s visual design system via three sprints: research, design, and user testing. Rather than overhaul the brand, the project explored integrating a stronger, more genuine branding.


Sprint 1: Research & Style Exploration

Research and Synthesis

Current State

The UI team conducted an ad-hoc review using the app. We first took screenshots documenting the app design’s current state, but later I realized capturing the Usability Heuristic Evaluation provided benchmarking metrics needed to refine future work.

Current State evaluatin radar graphing showing percentages met of the 10 usability heuristics for interface design

Domain Research

Knowledge ​regarding food waste has grown. The ReFed Roadmap adopted the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Hierarchy framework and categorizes food waste reducing methods. The 2016 report noted fast-expiring foods contribute close to 80% of food waste. Food waste recovery initiatives recommended connecting donors and recipients using technology platforms. Consumer-based food apps offer similar approaches. Eateries turn a profit by selling discounted perishables to the public, and consumers can save money on the offer.
uneaten top
uneaten bottom
food waste

If all of America’s wasted food was grown in one place, this mega-farm would cover roughly 80 million acres, over three-quarters of the state of California. Growing the food on this wasteful farm would consume all the water used in California, Texas, and Ohio combined. The farm would harvest enough food to fill a 40-ton tractor every 20 seconds.

User persona

A user persona wasn’t a scheduled part of Flatiron’s client phase.

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