Much ado about EVERYTHING

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While I’m doing some basic image studies and brushing up on my graphic design foundations, I’ve also begun thinking about what it is specifically I want to do with UI/UX designs. For starters, I’m going to use my growing skillset to create a comprehensive and responsive CV website to showcase my skills, interests, and subsequent brands. Admittedly, the process of going back and forth between visual design, to coding, to layout design, and moving between software platforms has been a bit dizzying at times, but it has also been exciting. I feel as though some sort of spark has been ignited inside of me.

I started this process with brushing up on my basic design practices and workflow, especially in terms of brainstorming and ideation. While I have been doing that much more in my professional sphere, I’ve been neglecting it for my own projects. Now, that I’m finally creating some content, I feel as though I’m entering another, somewhat parallel stage when it comes to creating the interfaces to best showcase that content i.e. make the design that best fits the content. I’m moving through most of the visual design elements rather quickly because of my background, and I’m anxious to start work on developing my first platform. Again, I moved fairly swiftly through the HTML brush-up, since I’d already done some early coding on and off, but once I started getting into advanced CSS, I had to slow down just a little bit.

Here is the good spin: now I have time to really delve into content-making while I try to process the style coding theory and mechanics.