The Fine Art of Storytelling

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I like to make things.

I’m a media artist, graphic designer, illustrator, writer, songwriter, singer-songwriter, guitar-player, essayist, musician, marketing professional, and psychology/music aficionado.

So, as you can see, I’ve started organizing all of my creative efforts into one place in order to make access easier for us all.

I’m not taking a break from my client work, but I am currently expanding my knowledge and education.

I started created this site a few years ago, using a first a free then a purchased template. After learning much in the way of customizations,  I now intend to start creating a place of my own so that I may showcase the variety of my skills.

I work with everyone.

I’ve worked with novice clients as well as those who are more established. I like working with everyone. I’ve also worked in every scope. I’ve not only made merch, but I’ve sold it and marketed it…and managed it. However, I have not only worked as a merch girl, but I’ve also been the concert photographer, the ‘zine writer, the music critic, and the performer.

While music is my niche mainstay, I’ve also worked with food and wine clients and business and law consultation firms.

The fine art of storytelling:

I’m interested in the message and in the communication of that message. I’m interested in why we do what we do as much as I’m interested in what we want to do, and why “what” matters. Cleary, I want to be involved in figuring out the best ways we can work together to express all of these things.

It’s all weather; it’s all valid.


UI, UX, Adobe Suite

Front End Development

Html, css, php, js, Bootstrap, WordPress


digital, sketch, watercolor pencils, Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch, Procreate