N’Sync Member talks Chicago-Set Movie: Lance Bass talks with the DePaulia about his and Joey Fatone’s new movie ‘On the Line’

­ 'NSync member talks Chicago-set movie Lance Bass talks with the DePaulia about his and Joey Fatone's new movie 'On the Line'

Lance Bass cozies up with Emmanuelle Chiqui right in downtown Chicago in the new romantic comedy "On the Line," opening Oct. 26.

Lance Bass is a conundrum. In the often-erratic world of pop music, he has remained both soft spoken and content with his place in 'NSync while still making narrative appearances on television proving that while his voice is mainly used to balance and support the group effort, he still has much to say...and do.

Like many pop stars who came before him, Bass has now crossed over into film with his first acting lead as Kevin Gibbons in the Oct. 26 romantic comedy "On the Line." Not surprising is the cynicism that deluges such daring acts. It doesn't however seem to be hampering any of Bass's passion or integrity. He's just doing what he wants to do.

The DePaulia—Steve Albini talks about how a lot of times in music and movies, especially with Elvis, the Beatles and now 'NSync, people have done the two things at once just for the experience. But a lot of the time the roles are music based in the movie. For example, Richie Sambora (widely known as the guitarist for Bon Jovi) is in this movie also. Is "On The Line" along the same line as those types of movies?

Lance Bass—It is. The way like Elvis and The Beatles did it, it's a musical. That's basically what they did. It's very music related. With ours, it's just soundtrack heavy. And we use, with my cornpany, we utilize athletes and musicians in films. And that's why we use A1 Green. That's why we use Richie Sambora. That's why we use Joey and I in the movie because it gives another outlet for their fans to see their favorite musician in something. And then you also get them for the soundtrack and you get a lot of music into the film. That's what carries the film, I think, the music.

DP—Do you think that marketing the film as "Starring Lance and Joey from 'NSync" will have an effect at aiming this movie more towards a teen base?

LB—It does and that's why I didn't want it to be that way, but I have no control over that. Certain markets that you hear it in yeah, like the MTV market and radio stations are going to go for the "Lance and Joey are in this" because that's how you promote a movie on radio. If it's on NBC or that type of stuff, you're not going to hear that. It's going to be Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Emmanuelle Chiqui. It's just a certain market that you hit, and I'm not a marketing genius or anything like that. So they're doing their own thing, but we didn't want it to be a teen movie. That's why we set it when we're out of college. We're in our mid-twenties. It's a love story on the El train. It's not a high school of even college. It's a movie you could find anybody in. It's your nextdoor neighbor.

DP—Is this your next step? Many times people will do the music and it will be aimed towards teens and then they will transfer over to movies that are similar and marketed towards teens and perhaps later on down the road move on to more mature themes.

LB—I have no set plan, but I'm not going to be stupid and try to tackle something that I could never do or people couldn't see me doing. I have a brand that people see me in and that's the type of moVies I want to do: the good quality, something that the whole family can enjoy. But also I want to challenge myself by doing different roles also. So yes, in the future I plan to do action movies, to do total dramatic roles and comedy. I want to try it all and see what I'm good at. Of course there's going to be that stereotype and you can't avoid that. You've got to do what you are able to do.

DP—This is the first movie from your production company, A Happy Place, as well. Did you learn a lot just from the experience of putting it on as well as acting in the film?

LB—Oh, yes. I have. It's something I just jumped into. I always had an interest in film and I've been around it, but I've never been directly involved with creating a film. And I learned so much from taking a little idea to creating it into something that is as big as this, selling it to studios, dealing with the everyday people and then actually being in the movie. I mean I just jumped into every part of it this time—a little overwhelming, but that's how I learn, and now I'm fully prepared and so excited to do the next one.

DP—Do you have any plans just for you separate from 'NSync?

LB—Like music or acting?


LB—Music, I would never do anything solo. I'm just not—I'm the bass singer. But acting—definitely. I'm working on a couple of projects. I'm working on producing and then there's a project I'm looking at to being in at the end of the year.

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