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Visual Transmedia Storytelling
Brand Identity,
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Mystie is a visual, transmedia storytelling, and creative designer!

My design work encompasses, and often blends, logo and brand identity, web and app, business and advertising, clothing and merchandising, art and illustration, packaging and label, book and magazine, sound and motion. I am a currently practicing freelance/contract designer dedicated to the art of expression.

My verbal to visual design workflow process is unique. The act of translation is the center of the design process. As both a creative director and designer I work alongside clients to translate their message and construct consistent content that amplifies a customized look and feel to their audience.   I believe that a good design is useful, captivating, and thought-provoking. It illustrates memorable relationships and captures the human experience. As such, my portfolio spans over two decades and multiple industries at various touchpoints of visual translation. 

transmedia design unicorn


A Unicorn Designer:
  1. Bridges the gap between specialist & generalist.
    "As an M-shaped professional, I have multiple expertise in the field of visual communication design. Having more than one specialty gives me some flexibility to work on high-performance projects or on cross-functional teams."
  2. Translates skill sets.
    "Knowing how to code keeps the designs practical, and knowing how to write helps communicate verbal perspectives.I translate the verbal to visual!"
  3. Is Transdisplanary.
    "I am a lifelong professional learner. This approach to design dissolves traditional problem-solving boundaries creating a framework that is as diverse as it is unified."


What do you need designed?
Design Services

Product UX/UI

Digital Web, Mobile App & Enterprise Interfaces as well as print layout design.

Visual Brand Identity Strategy

Content Creation & Digital Asset Design

Graphic Design

Illustration & Typography


Animation & Interaction


Image retouching, compositing, editing,, photojournalism & iPhonography

Front-End Customized Coding

Front-end coding development & design: Bootstrap, HTML & CSS

coming soon
Case Studies

I’ve recently started applying UX human-centered design methodologies to all of my projects.

Case studies will be available as soon as possible As a working freelancer, I often have to prioritize new work over updating past projects.

In the meantime, I’ve made recent projects’ brand development guides available (with permission) as project workflow case studies for interested parties.

If you’d like to hear more about a particular project, however, I can arrange a presentation. Please contact me directly.

In the meantime, you can see a gallery of the most recent product and visual brand design designs.


Let's chat about your design project over video or a cup of coffee!

I am available to go over my design process with those looking to hire a designer. Also, contact me if you’d like to see a brand development guide or if you’d like to arrange a presentation.