Date: 06 Jan 2006
Client: International Talent Booking
Role: Photographer
Tools: Nikon D70, 20.0 mm-80.0 mm, f/3.3-5.6
Info: iso 1600

Try to See Things Differently

There are few things I love more than being right in the midst of the energy and excitement of a live concert. However, when trying to capture the moment in a still, framed image, sometimes taking a few steps back can help define the story’s perspective. While in London, I had just the opportunity to change my point of view by perching in an unusual vantage point from the balcony.

From that elevated position, I gained a broader viewpoint of the performance in my viewport. The combination of light and fog created colorful, nearly tangible clouds with vivid vaporous gleams streaming like arrows or lines pointing the direction in which to draw the eye. I could see countless interactions not only between the nightclub floodlights and the artists, but also between the band members and the audience as well as the other photographers grounded in the pit.

80 mm, f/5.6, 1/40 sec

I observed and recorded the relationships that were unnoticeable to me as a flâneur but circumstantially exposed to me as a voyeur: a cord snaking along the side of the stage, the way the shadows filled in the dappled areas of light on the floor, the fan clip directed at the mohawked drummer, an analog reel to reel tape machine, the substantive gesture of one of the two synthesizer/vocalists clasping his forehead with one hand, or the stances that the performers take in relation to one another in a certain, defined area.

I was unseen, anonymous from that distance, but the images, which can be viewed, serve as a great reminder of the value of literally looking at things from a different perspective.